apothecary skincare
_At APOTHECARY, you'll find natural skincare products that are both lovely and effective._

Our products are crafted using pure essential oils and high quality carrier oils. We selectively combine these functional, botanically-based ingredients to create synergistic blends that treat your specific skincare needs.

Put simply, we love making skincare that not only feels great to use, but is good for you too!

Feel lovely, be lovely, with products that are:

Paraben and Sulfate Free. Free from mineral oils and petroleum based products.

Preservative Free
APOTHECARY face and body oils are anhydrous - they do not contain water. Bacteria and mold require water and oxygen to survive and grow. This means we don't need - and you won't find - any preservatives in our natural products. How lovely!

Free from artificial fragrances and dyes.
Nature knows best - and we only use the real deal! Our formulations are crafted using pure essential oils. Enjoy their naturally delightful scents while you benefit from their traditional beneficial qualities.

Hand-blended, in small batches.
We craft each batch with the utmost love and care.
Please contact us for your own specific needs - we specialize in making custom blends to suit unique conditions and concerns.


Please visit the product pages to take a look at some of our most popular blends.